Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roller Derby: Bringing World Peace, One Household at a Time

Derby probably isn't going to give us world peace, but it has brought a little piece to my household. Let me back up and explain.

This past summer Monadnock Roller Derby (MRD) opened its doors to men and children ages 9 and up. My daughter, Autumn (she's 13–I state this so you know what I'm going through), immediately joined the girls team.

OK, ya got me. Join might be too strong of a word. Being forced might be the more appropriate statement. And no, there was no peace. But in my defense, my daughter is perfect for derby. She's stubborn, quick, agile and VERY competitive. 

As I was saying, Autumn joined the team. At first she thought of it as a way to (once again) one up mom. She quickly learned she was going to have to work hard to beat mom. Which was my goal along—working hard that is, not beating mom. I'm working even harder on her not beating mom. I know it's only a matter of time before she leaves me in the dust.

In the last month I've noticed some things. She's less quick to bite my head off. We have conversations! And I've noticed her spending more time in my company.

The upside to all this, is now when she pisses me off at home, I give her a check or three at practice and send her sprawling. The downside, she gives me a check or five and sends me sprawling.

So while derby isn't the answer to world peace, it may be the answer to peace in your home. Hubbies welcome, too.

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  1. I love the family bonding that's going on! Can't wait to come see you skate.